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Beginning real interaction with other children

Circle time

Circle time is a place where children can interact in a larger group and gain a greater understanding of communicating with others.

Potty training

We begin introducing young children to the potty, and help them get started on the path to a diaper-free future.

Music and movement

Children at this age can begin to really move around on their own, and music helps them understand rhythm and motion in new ways.

Daily Activities

Potty training and independence for 3 year olds.

Music and movement for 1 year olds.

Pre-kindergarten preparation for ages 4-5.

Developmental learning for

preschool aged children.

Our B East and B West rooms are dedicated to children around the age of 2. At this stage in their young life we'll begin to introduce them the ideas of interacting with others in a healthy, happy way. Contact All 4 Kids Christian Day Care & Preschool of Olathe, KS today to find out more information.

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